In the stars we wait and wander, searching for the light we have sought for millennia. At last it was found and we claim its riches for ourselves.

{This is an independent OC blog for a Fallen Captain from the soon-to-be-released video game Destiny. He isn't the most welcoming to all but he'll put up with you long enough to get a question or two in. There may be nsfw content in the form of, but not limited to: smut, gore, violence, etc.}

Captain of the Fallen
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"I have no clue if so, but I do know that my ghost made me back to what I was like exactly before my death. Eggs and all. And I rather not risk it at the moment."
“Fret not, I understand the worry. Should ever we get so far I will be certain to keep it in mind. Better safe than sorry, so the saying goes.”
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Pro: Deeper understanding of Fallen anatomy. Con: The other warlocks will no doubt find out and tell the titans. If the titans find out I will be shoved into a locker and called names.

Kel’par raised a brow at the statements, “I wouldn’t worry too much about that, after all, why worry over something with no chance of happening?”

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"Be something very, very different then what I have experienced before. But I would have to worry about protection."

"Hah, I would imagine so with all things considered but hopefully it would be for the better, yes? As for the latter statement, are our kinds even compatible?" he asked, having never heard of such a bond before even in tales from the Reed to know if it was a possibility or not. Though her point was something to keep in mind if they were.

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(anons welcome)

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♋ ☏

♋ What drew you to this muse?

{Honestly? The look of the Fallen Captain being so cool really and supreme hype at the time :L}

☏ What is the most challenging aspect of playing this muse?

{Always having to be hostile toward Guardians without starting flat out conflict, I don’t want this to just be a combat centric blog after all. I mean I don’t got anything against combat rp’s, I just want there to be more than JUST that though…}

Destiny - Queen of the Awoken

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♪ Are you comfortable playing your muse?

{Actually despite how young this blog is I’ve actually got a real good hold on him I think, if that’s basically what it’s asking. As for what he does, at times I do get wary of what I’m doing with him because realistically speaking Fallen Captains are broken as all hell especially at close range or hand-to-hand combat and it makes sense because they are Captains, they’re supposed to be worthy of they’re title. But at the same time, I also don’t want to violate my partners’ characters by making them seem too unskilled before him even though he is very good at what he does.

There is also the fact that he is considered an enemy by all that aren’t other Fallen or perhaps someone from the Reef so interactions with everyone is constantly hostile and sometimes it just gets repetitive and sometimes I wanna try something else but it would seem outta character and just a whole slew of things just bounce all over my mind. So, yeah I really like rping him and I feel like I’ve got him down pat and all, just sometimes wish for a whee bit more variation with some things.}

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❤ How long have you been RPing?

❥ How long have you been RPing this character?

유 Who was your first muse?

♋ What drew you to this muse?

☮ Is there anything you don’t like about playing this muse?

✌ What is the easiest aspect of playing this muse?

☏ What is the most challenging aspect of playing this muse?

☢ How many active muses do you have?

☠ Who is a muse you would want to play?

☤ What do you have in common with your muse?

☑ What are the biggest differences between you and your muse?

♚ Do you and your muse get along?

▲ Of the two of you, who is more mature, you or your muse?

♪ Are you comfortable playing your muse?

✈ Is it easier to write angst, fluff, or crack with your muse?

⌚ Is it easier for you to write as canon characters or OCs?

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"If you touch me again, your dead."



"Says the one who has intruded upon my private quarters and watched me sleep. You should have been so lucky that I did not shoot you then and there especially with all that you had previously done," Kel’par replied with a hard voice, his four blue eyes staring the Exo down, his hand previously gripping its shirt before shoving it away now moved to the handle of his hand cannon. "I shall warn you once more, leave now or I will not hesitate to strip the shell off your circuits and use the scrap to fix our shuttles."


The rounds peppered his chest and he slupted to the floor. He wished that had killed him. To any normal guardian it would have, but the darkness wouldn’t let him die so easily. After a minute he jerked back from the void.

" haven’t you ever heard of sarcasm, and one, your going to be dead if I don’t get you out, and two, I know you know Atili, so don’t go giving that I don’t know what you’re talking about."
He moved to get up but stopped, staying down probably would get him shit again. He looked down and saw dark energy pouring from his chest.
"Look at that, I’m leaking."he laughed

Kel’par watched them drop and huffed, having expected to at least get through a shield first but certainly wasn’t complaining about the end results regardless. Flicking the chamber out to reload his weapon, the Fallen caught motion from the corner of his eye and glanced up to see the Exo move before it spoke. A pity.

"So you keep saying but you obviously do not understand the culture of the Fallen nor the fact that I do not trust a single word you say," Kel’par simply chose to not respond to anything else the Exo said. However, recalling several rumors he had heard, he was also beginning to get…agitated.

"Do you truly know what I know? Because one thing I do know is that you have been spreading falsities, lies to further your own reputation no doubt." His voice was hard, serious, growing angrier, "That you almost killed me and claimed my cutlass as a prize of my defeat so that you may let me live. How very noble of you," Kel’par made a point to draw a cutlass and rub the blade between his fingers. "So tell me, when you state such things why should I believe a single word which leaves your mouth?"







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{Because it’s munday and as I’ve said I have a bunch of pictures that I’ve taken, here have a photo.

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{If you ever want to unsettle yourself or listen to/use some scary ass music, listen to the dead space soundtrack, like there’s some good stuff in there, but holy shit it can get pretty nuts and it’s awesome especially for the horror fan.}

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"Oh, um okay. Wanna tell me where you are planning on taking me? Or are you just doing this just to see if you could?"

Kel’par adjusted Atili on his shoulder a bit and gave a tip of his head, “I knew it was possible for me to do so, I simply thought it would be a faster way for us to do gain access to our spot.” With that he gripped her legs with his lower arm and looked up, activating his teleportation device and blinking up toward nearby ledge. With the extra mass of Atili on his shoulder over per say just a few weapons, the jump cut a few inches short of his planned destination but since he had somewhat anticipated this they thankfully still managed to land mostly properly upon the ledge.

Kel’par did teeter for a second but quickly regained his balance walking a few more steps with her on his shoulder, strangely liking the feeling of her being there, before looking around, nodding, and then setting her down carefully. “Are you alright?” he asked with his hands placed upon her shoulders, both as a caring gesture and to help steady her in case she needed it.